The following is a selection of music videos, short films, commercials, and promotional materials for bands and companies:


Lonely Giant Presents...

Official music video by David Bellarosa for Mike & The Moonpies “Beaches of Biloxi”. Featured on Rolling Stone!

MICRO-TEASER for SAFILM: Young writer Andy Moretti attempts to escape his slacker surroundings for the great American unknown by checking into a medical research facility to pay off his debt, fix up his RV and finally hit the road.

This is the Kickstarter vid for the film HERE WE ARE by David Bellarosa and LONELY GIANT. Check it out here: andlike us on Facebook here,

Promo video for the HERE WE ARE Kickstarter campaign by LONELY GIANT. Come with us! We're almost there! LONELY GIANT ###

Stetson - Never Steal a Stetson.

Teaser for Megafauna's PRECIOUS BLOOD video!


ROLEX - People Notice.

Lonely Giant Presents...

Here, Boy - short film for AMC's Horrorfest. A boy needs a dog.

Official music video for the title track of the album "Before You Were Born" from FRANK SMITH.

Mike and the Moonpies for the Billy Joe Shaver video tribute at in Austin, Texas.

A music video for the opening track "Monsters" from Frank Smith's album, "Before You Were Born"

This video for "Theoretical Girls" stars Andy Bianculli of STAR PARKS and French as his dog.

Promo video for musician Nicholas Ginbey's upcoming album.

Official music video for Megafauna's "Precious Blood" from their album Surreal Estate.

Promo video for Hoodmap, a new platform that connects people to the places where they live, work, and play. Map your Hood, Make it Better!


Michael Ian Black visited BookPeople in Austin, Texas to promote his new book and his new insurance company, Black Insurance.


Ricky Stein and The Warm Guns, recorded live at Lambert's, Austin, TX.

Aaron Sinclair of the band Frank Smith plays "put me in a hole" and "fire sleepin" at a nice gas station in Austin, Texas one dark night.

Ricky Stein and Co. recorded live at Lambert's, Austin, TX.

Promo video for band Slowtrain's upcoming record.

A short film by David Bellarosa and Italian artist Flavia Mantovan, with Jack Kerouac and Bjork.

A paratrooper gets stuck in a tree and he dies there, with Tom Waits.

The following is a series of experimental film made by David Bellarosa out of organic material, as part of an installation known as Waterlight. The series was presented with multiple large screens and mirrors and features the music of Leonard Cohen.

Music by Leonard Cohen Film by David Bellarosa, part of a series

Diamonds in the Mine

The Old Revolution

The Butcher

Music video for Atlantic Records band Operator, made entirely of Transformer's trailers.

Heinz Ketchup - Gotta have Heinz!

This video for "Theoretical Girls" stars Andy Bianculli of STAR PARKS and French as his dog. It takes place in the fall of 2015 in Austin, Texas. The song appears on their debut album, DON'T DWELL. a Lonely Giant production #####